I have officially arrived in Greece. The trip here was long and I did it completely by myself, but it was a good experience. The first flight was shorter and to Atlanta, Georgia. Leaving LAX and the tired toddler (who refused to sleep) behind me on the flight kind of sucked, but the Atlanta airport made up for it. It was so nice and the people who worked there were very helpful. I had an eight hour layover there and took a couple short naps. The flight from Atlanta to Athens was super long, but I sat next to very nice Greek people. The man right next to me didn’t speak perfect English and I don’t speak any Greek (except now I know how to say please, and sometimes I can say thank you) so we didn’t say a whole lot but we laughed together when this one attendant did ditzy things and I told him about Stevie. Another flight attendant was fun, she would listen to me say what I wanted in English and then tell me how to say it in Greek so that I would ask her is Greek. I don’t remember how to say the words she taught me, but it was still fun. I slept a lot, read some, and watched a movie. I was surprise with the food, it was not too bad. The breakfast on the plane was not good, but the rest was satisfactory.

Once at the airport I found my way to the baggage claim and got my bags. It took extra long because one of the tags for my suitcase came off, so I didn’t recognize it the first couple times it came by. There was a man waiting for me with a sign and he directed me to where everyone else was sitting who had just come in. (I will show you pictures of everyone over time and tell you about them as I get to know them better.) We then were directed to a big bus/van thing which took us to the Palace Hotel. I will tell you more about the hotel tomorrow when I have more time to explore and when my head doesn’t hurt so much (jet lag). But just that it is really nice should suffice.

I am very excited to be here and love it already!

The Palace Hotel