Today was a good day. Class started at 7:00 am and then we had breakfast… which was delicious! Here is just an example of the fun food they have here. This is bread, egg, cheese, pepper, and olives. OH! and the olives are AMAZING!!!

my Greek breakfast sandwich

After we went back to class a second time, we all hung out at the pool, which is really nice. The sun is hard to resist here. There is always someone sun tanning at the pool. This is Garrett, who is Cambria Hayton’s boyfriend. He is a funny, active guy. He is in my Greek class.

Garrett tanning by the pool

the sun setting

After we all had supper we all went on the roof to watch the sun set. It was really pretty and the guys were being dorks, so it was fun. I’m sure there will be more lovely sun sets to come.

Austin and Tommy acting out Titanic (Austin as Rose and Tommy as Jack)

And then since the World Cup is going on right now, we have been watching the games in the hotel. But tonight Greece was playing Argentina. A bunch of the guys I’ve been hanging out with all lived in Argentina for the last year so it was important for them. So of course we had to go to town to watch the game with the natives! It was fun, they were all into it and we studied while we watched the game. Town is not too far of a walk, about 15 minutes, and since only one of us has a bus pass, we usually walk. I will tell you how the quiz tomorrow goes, I’m not as prepared as I should be, but I have the excuse of not knowing the teacher, so tomorrow will give me an inside look and then I will have a better idea of how and what to study.

a Greek restaurant that was showing the game

Tommy, Jolee, Doug, Austin (a little hidden), Garrett, Me and Greg (who I know from Camp) - left back and then going in a circle clock wise