Okay, so I finally have all my room and roommates stuff figured out.

my roommate Jolee

our room

At first I was in an apartment with Anna and Lexi (two girls who are taking Hebrew) because there was no room for all of us in the hotel just for the first night and we all arrived together. Then when we got moved into the hotel  we were given rooms where the three of us girls were in one room on the 5th floor which had a good view, and a lot of stairs. Jolee got a room to herself on the 1st floor though, so it didn’t make sense for it to stay that way. (The hotel thought another girl was coming and was keeping the other bed in Jolee’s room for her.) So we got everything straightened out and I now live on the 1st floor with Jolee, which is nice since we have the same schedule and homework. It is a little funky, the ground floor is actually the 0 floor and so I still clime stairs, but they are not quite as crazy now, more like good exercise.

our room from the other side of the room 🙂

the toilet

I like the colors in this room too, the other room was all in orange.

Another interesting thing is our toilets. You know how in Australia the water is suppose to go around in a circle like us, but in the opposite direction? Well, it doesn’t even spin here, it just kind of dumps a ton of water from the front of the toilet which rushes down and back. Also, the pipes are the same pipes as super long time ago, you know when there was no such thing as toilet paper? This means that the toilet paper clogs the pipes! And apparently Americans use more toilet paper than everyone else. So, we aren’t allowed to flush the toilet paper, that is what that nice little trash can is for on the side. I know that this isn’t exactly decent conversation, but I thought it was interesting and different enough for a post.

in class: Garrett, Tommy, Jolee, Dr. Johanson, Juan (back from left to right), Doug and Austin (front from left to right)

On to a more decent topic. The classroom is in the basement. Which apparently is a much needed improvement. I heard all sorts of stories about how the food sucked and the classroom was hot, etc. before I came from those who had attended summers before. Well, since the Palace Hotel sees that we keep coming, they have made improvements just for us! This use to be the laundry room, but is now a nice cool classroom. Now you can visualize where I am when you go to bed. 🙂