Hello everyone! The charger has officially arrived and I am no longer stressing out over any test, although there is another in the near future. 🙂 Here are a couple things that have been happening…

The Canal

On Wednesday of last week we went to Corinth and passed over this canal. It connects the Ageian and Adriatic seas. The Ageian was named after King Agios, if you read the Greek myth about the Minotaur and the guy who killed him, the name will be explained. It was very cool, there was a place where you could go bungee jumping, a couple of the guys went to go check it out, but it was closed still. I finally found some playing cards there (for those of you who don’t know, I collect playing cards from all over the place).

The entrance to the castle

next to the bigger hill

Then we headed to Agamemnon’s castle. He was the Greek general in the Trojan war. I never like him in the story because he is the guy who sacrificed his daughter to Poseidon so that they would have safe and quick travels over the see to Troy. For those of you who didn’t know about that part of the story, no worries, his wife found out and after the Greeks won the war and came back to Greece, she killed Agamemnon. Anyways, whether or not you like the story, this is where the dude lived. It was a very cool castle, although, not as large as you would have thought. Where is placed was very interesting, you would think that it would be placed on the highest hill in the area, but no. They used the larger hill to protect them from the elements, it also had a river coming down to the smaller hill, so the residents didn’t have to worry about water shortages. The entrance I believe is important for art students. It is suppose to be a picture of lions (they think) but the heads, which might have been made of special metals were either destroyed or stolen. The lions symbolized power.

the grave site

There also was a very important archeological discovery here. We learned a lot about them by seeing how they buried their dead. This is a huge grave that included something like 15 (ish) people. There was a lot of precious metals and jewels buried there too. The first person to find some of the graves in the area was a billionaire who was treasure hunting. He did not find this one though, since this one was not dug into a hill, but instead under the ground.

a courtyard (sorry for the slant)

Here is a little picture of what the place might have looked back when it was used. This is one of the courtyards, and probably the most intact part of the castle, excluding the walls. It was fun checking out all the rooms and figuring out how they found water and that sort of thing. We found this one doorway that was missing the rope to tell you not to go down into it. It was a staircase that went down. And it went down a really long way, it was pitch black and there were bugs flying around, so it was a little growty, but it was still really fun.