Garret and John on the bus (my back is to the camera)

Last Saturday we went to the English speaking church. It was mostly Africans and Filipinos. The Africans have a really bad reputation here, kind of like Mexicans get in America. Most of the Africans at church are here legally though, so that’s good. In order to get to the church we have to ride a bus for about an hour. It goes by fast if you have a seat (sometimes the buses are too crowded and you have to stand) and when you have someone to talk to.

The week before we went to the Greek church (the Adventist one), which use to be the same location of the English speaking church. A deacon came to our hotel to make sure we knew how to get there and gave us rolls in the service. I had special music and a couple of the guys were in charge of the afternoon program.

We were tired from the week before so one of the teachers went back with 4 of us students. Everyone else stayed for potluck and the afternoon program. Around here church is a day-long event. After a good nap Juan and I walked to town and just looked around. We found this little bakery where everything was homemade and looked amazingly delicious. We split some cream/sugar/pastry sot of thing. It was really good! Then we came back for dinner and studied for the test that was coming up.