the boat

Friday morning we woke up early to head out to Hydra. Hydra is a little island that is known for tourism. We woke up early and then waited for our bus, which was 30 minutes late. When people are late around here they say that they are on “Greek time”. We were scared that we missed the boat, but it was on Greek time also.

me, John, Garrett, and Austin

The boat was a lot like an airplane. It had seats like one and was organized like one, well the part that was organized. It was comfortable, and a lot of people slept. It only took about an hour before we got to Hydra.

(If you are wondering why some of they guys always look dorky or like they weren’t paying attention when the picture was being taken, well that is on purpose. It is just something they do, they make what they call “cheese faces” because it is more fun than just smiling. I don’t have the heart to tell them to stop, plus it give you a better idea of what they are like. haha. )

our room

the funny shower

There was a woman waiting for us when we got here who took us to our hotel. Our hotel is super nice, I really like it. Everything is decorated very well and there are lots of different colors in the halls and in the lobby. I thought the shower hose was funny. It looks like a phone. The faucet  for the bath part doesn’t actually work I don’t think, and the other part you have to hold, you can’t set it up so you can shower under it. I haven’t found it to be too inconvenient though.


This island is nice an quiet. There are no bikes or cars allowed. The only way to get anywhere is to walk or catch a boat or ride a mule. They are very quiet and just sit and wait for someone to come and fetch them. The whole thing about thieves does not apply here, you can just leave something, like a mule, just anywhere, and no one will take it.

When we were done getting  settled we headed out for lunch. Our teachers bought us gyros. They were amazing! It was a warm day, so the ice tea we had with our gyros was that much better tasting.


After we had eaten our full we went back to the hotel to get our money and bathing suits. I knew that the guys would want to go swimming and not want to wait for us to go back and change, so I put it on in anticipation. Jolee and Lexi and I went shopping. Lexi got a jumper thing. They are very popular here! I found a dress I really liked. This island is known for tourism, and I think that is why all the shops were so cute.

the beach

Like I had thought, we ran into the guys on their way to a beach. I jumped on the band wagon and off we went. It was a really long walk, but we found it eventually. It was small, but nice. There was no sand, but rocks instead. The water was just cool enough to be refreshing, but not too cold like the ones in California. There is also more salt than the ocean in California. I’m not sure why that is, or how that works, but it is most definitely the case. Since there is more salt, once you get out into the water you don’t have to do a whole lot of work to stay afloat, you can just kind of sit there, which is nice.