I have been studying a lot lately. I have two very important tests within the next couple of days. I will be all done by Wednesday though. I was studying super hard all day and had everything out to study so I thought I’d show you all the materials I use. I am doing my very best in my class and hope that in the end that will pay off.

On Thursday we decided to take a break and go check out a store where Jolee wanted to get a dress. I went too because I needed to buy a sleeping bag. And Lexi just likes to shop, so she came too.  Anna told us that the store wasn’t too far away so we decided to walk. Well, we walked forever! Once we finally found the store for Jolee we asked the lady at the register if she knew where to get a sleeping bag. She said yes, and sent us on our way. We found ourselves in a really nice residential area and started talking among ourselves on if we were going the right direction or not. As we were discussing it a girl walked by. She asked if she could help and we told her what we were trying to find. She said that the store we were looking for was like 3 hours away by foot and that if we waited for her to change (she had just come from the beach) that she would make sure we found a sleeping bag. Her name is Nana.

Me, Lexi, Nana, and Jolee

She was lots of fun and found a place not more than a 15 minute walk away for us where we found a really cheep sleeping bag and pad. She explained a lot of Greek culture to us and asked us a lot of questions. I had told her I was from California and she got really excited. She said that she had been many places but she always wanted to go to the States and hadn’t yet. Her parents are divorced, but her Dad is pretty well off (I think) and takes her traveling. She lives with her Mom in a pretty nice apartment. Lexi wanted to know what coffee to bring home for her Mother so Nana took us back to her apartment and showed us how to make the well known Greek Frappe. It is very good coffee, I have had it a couple times around town but didn’t know I could make it so easily. She made sure we got a taxi for our trip back to the hotel and we exchanged facebook information so that we could stay in touch.

Why do I need a sleeping bag? Well, Wednesday afternoon right after our test a bunch of us are going to Meteora. I will write about it after I get back home, because I will not be able to take my computer with me when we go. We do not want to spend a lot of money for a hotel, so we are going to camp. It is really nice and warm, so we won’t have to worry about tents or anything. We are going to catch a train there and then sleep under the stars at nite, and explore during the day. Friday night a bunch of guys will go to Patmus, Garrett and I are going to stay an extra day and then come back to Athens. (I won’t have enough time before I my flight to go to Patmus and get back in time to the airport, so Meteora will be enough.) Nana is making sure we have a place to stay until Monday. Monday is when I leave and when Garrett’s girlfriend comes to Greece from California to tour with him. On Monday Nana is also leaving by the same airport, so I will go to the airport with her!


I will try to fill you in on what other little things happened last week too once I figure out how to retrieve some pictures from Anna’s internet photo album. Otherwise I will not have much time to do anything but study, so I won’t have a lot to tell you except for how I do on the tests. The last test on Wednesday decides whether or not all the credits we have been working on count or not! I’m not too worried, but it is a lot to ride on one test.