My total score

So remember how I said I had two tests left and the last one was really scary because it decided whether or not the rest of my grade counts or not? Well, found out today that La Sierra does not have the same requirements as Walla Walla, and since I am the only student in my class who is not from Walla Walla, it makes sense that no one would think to tell me that my requirements are different. This big test was going to be a part of our grade, and I would have to take it even though it isn’t a part of my requirements since I would need it as a part of my grade. BUT today our teacher decided to make this really big test NOT be a part of our grade! This means that the Walla Walla people still have to take it to prove their knowledge, but it won’t affect their grade, and since I don’t have that requirement, I don’t have to take it at all. He said that if the grade we get on this really hard test will benefit our grade he will incorporate it in our total grade as a reward for working so hard to get that good of a grade. The majority of this test was going to be unprepared translation, which I do the worst on. So I will take it, but I’m not going to stress about it, and the time I would spend fervently studying I am now going to spend with my teacher. I asked him and he is okay just sitting down for like an hour and letting me translate a book to him. This is another thing I am not very good at, and I think that my time will be better spent doing that. So, since I took the first of the two tests this morning, I am technically all done!!!