Tommy, Austin (not jumping), Greg, Zach, John, Garrett

Tommy, Austin, Greg, Zach, John, Garrett

Greg, Austin, Abraham, Garrett, Tommy, John


Naturally this is what college kids do when they find themselves at a monastery! haha. So once we made it to the top of the hill in Hydra where the Orthodox monastery was built and after we had caught our breath from those crazy stairs, we made jumping pictures. They are all pretty cool and don’t need much explanation to see how much fun we were having or how cool the view was, but the last picture does have a story. Garrett decided to do a backflip where you could see the sea behind him. The platform he is on drops off about 10 feet. He did a really good backflip but Anna asked him to do it a second time with the hopes of getting him at a different point in his flip. He warned her that he only has so many backflips per month and that it might not work out. We thought he was just messing around since he’s been doing backflips off all the cliffs the guys have been jumping from. (They really like cliff jumping and go whenever they have the chance.) Apparently he wasn’t kidding. When he landed the second time he landed on the front of his foot and fell to the side before he caught his balance. Except the side he leaned to was were the platform ended. It looked like he landed and then bounced off of the wall like a ball would. Both me and Anna freaked out and ran over to look over the wall. He was standing there just looking up at us with an “I told you so” look on his face. He had landed on his feet but he fell into a mule stall so there was a huge pile of poop right next to him. He said that he saw the pile as he was falling and his only thought was to miss it. Apparently he landed straddling it! Haha. Once we discovered he was alright me and Anna could not stop laughing, I almost had an accident I was laughing so hard!